Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between BHL and BHL-EXP?

The BHL-EXP is available in Black or Cuban Brown, and is always made 1 ½” wide. The BHL-EXP is cut straight. The BHL is available in Black, Mahogany, Dark Brown and Light Brown, with your choice of width, 1 ¼” 1 ½” or 1 ¾”. The BHL is cut to a curve.

What width belt should I get?

Generally, people who wear dress slacks use a 1 ¼” belt because a 1 ½” belt won’t fit through the narrower belt loops. People who dress more casually, such as in jeans or khakis, tend to use the wider 1 ½” belt.

What is the correct procedure of measuring belt size?

For correct sizing, we need to establish your actual circumference. Using a nonwoven leather belt, please measure from the hole you actually use, whichever one that may be, to the free end of the buckle prong. (Be certain to include the length of the prong. Do not stop at the end of the leather.) Add 2” if this belt is to be used for an inside-the-waist or under-the-belt holsters. Please measure to the ¼” if you are ordering a BHL or BHL-T, and round to the nearest inch if you are ordering a BHL-EXP. If you need assistance with these directions, please call.

Do you make combination holsters—such as one holster that can be worn both inside the pants and also outside the pants?

All of our holster designs take a great deal of time to develop and field test. It is difficult enough to manufacture a holster to perform one function correctly, let alone two! Don’t be fooled by the lower quality products on the market that promise far more than they deliver.

Do I need a thumb break?

Our holsters are designed to retain the pistols without the need of a thumb break. We do offer a thumb break holster (5JR-TB or 5JR-EXP-TB) for those people who are required to use one. Thumb breaks for 1911 pattern pistols are designed to be used in the “cocked and locked” (hammer back) position. This is the only way a 1911 pattern pistol will function, and should be carried.

Why is the thumb break hard to snap initially?

We make the thumb break strap to fit the pistol snugly. This insures that the thumb break will disengage without any play. If you find it difficult to snap the thumb break during break in, please call us.

How do I break in my holster?

We recommend a bottle of Leather Lightning™ for use in breaking in your holster. Leather Lightning ™ makes the inside of the holster slicker, so that you can break in the holster more efficiently. You can apply it with your finger or a q-tip to the inside of the holster. With the holster on your belt, insert and withdraw the unloaded pistol a little at time until you can get it fully seated and get a smooth draw. Repeat the presentations until a smooth draw is achieved. Leather Lightning™ is a catalyst and will not harm the firearm or the holster.

At what angle will the holster ride on the belt?

The muzzle rear rake of a particular pistol in a specific holster will vary based on pistol shape and type of holster. To get the best indication of how a holster will ride on your belt, please view the images on our website.

Where are you located?

Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather is located in Manchester, NH. Our facility is in an historic building in the Amoskeag Millyard, continuing a manufacturing tradition that goes back to the mid 19th century.

The Upside Down Test

Recently, we’ve noticed some online discussion regarding holding a holstered pistol upside down as a test. This proves nothing whatsoever. Our holsters are designed to properly function, when worn and tensioned, on one of our belts.