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Leather Lightning

Leather LightningLeather Lightning
Leather Lightning™ is applied to the inside of a holster to produce a slick draw. Even the most tightly boned holsters can be broken in, ultimately producing a smooth presentation. Leather Lightning is a surface treatment for leather and will therefore not be absorbed by the leather, nor harm the finish of your firearm. Leather Lightning ™ will not alter the original fit.

Break In Procedure:
Leather Lightning™ should be applied to the inside of the holster, anywhere the pistol makes contact. It may be applied with your finger or a cotton swab. Leather Lightning™ is a catalyst, and will wear off with use. Leather Lightning™ needs to be used in conjunction with presentations, in order to break in the holster. Simply applying Leather Lighting™ and leaving the pistol in the holster overnight will be of no help.

Leather Lightning ™ is solely manufactured by Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather, LLC.

Leather Lightning ™ ordered separately will usually ship in one or two business days


PRICE: $12.00 (plus shipping and handling)

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Mitch Rosen Cap

Cotton twill 6 panel cap with a pre-curved bill and adjustable strap. The Mitch Rosen logo is on the front, and our website is on the back.

COLOR: Black or Olive


PRICE: $25.00

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Astoria iPad Bag

Available in either black or mahogany, exquisitely grained leather. Trim binding and shoulder strap will be black on both colors. Shoulder strap is adjustable. Flap secures with a brass turn lock.

Read about the Astoria iPad Bag in American Handgunner!

PRICE: $185.00 US


Shot Shell Bag

Shot Shell BagShot Shell Bag
An exceptionally high-quality shot shell bag. Designed to be worn on the belt, this bag holds 50 plus 12 ga. Shot shells. The back of the bag is constructed of rigid holster leather, with the gusset and front of dense, beautifully grained bag leather. Available in either black or mahogany.


PRICE: $175.00 US

Lexington Tote

Lexington ToteLexington Tote
A large leather tote bag. Measuring approximately 12″ wide x 10″ deep x 12″ high. Constructed of two large pieces of leather with strong holster leather handles. Inside there is a small pocket at the tops for keys and change. Use it for marketing, carrying books, toting a large quantity of shot shells, or you name it. Simply magnificent.


PRICE: $265.00 US

Victorian Ladies Handbag

Victorian Ladies Handbag
Victorian Ladies HandbagA new product to meet the demands of women who wish to carry a concealed firearm securely, with great style and rapid accessibility. The Victorian is manufactured from exceptionally high quality leather with a deep luxurious grain. This bag is actually two bags sewn back to back to create the pistol pocket. Inside each bag is a small change/key pocket with a snap closure. Victorian Ladies HandbagThe shoulder strap is dense strapping leather lined with garment grade leather lining. Buckles are solid brass. Bag flaps are held closed with turn locks. The holster is secured in the special gun pocket with two ring snaps. The Victorian is designed to hold pistols of small to medium size (J frame revolvers, Walther PPK/S, Sig 230, Kahr pistols, etc.). Ring snaps also secure the entrance to the pistol pocket. The Victorian is destined to become another Mitch Rosen classic.

DIMENSIONS: 8” x 12” (approx.)


PRICE: $425.00 US

PSS (Pocket Scale Scabbard)

The PSS is designed to hold and protect your 3/4” by 6” scale. It is constructed of the same leather we use for many of our holsters. It is fully lined and is secured to your pocket by a strong spring clip.

COLOR: Black


PRICE: $60.00

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Shop Apron

#8 Black Canvas, Black leather finished edge binding and trim. Crossover straps are constructed of heavy 1 ½” elastic webbing, and secured by hard action ring snaps. Upper pen/accessory pocket sewn at top only. We do provide 2 ring snaps at the bottom of the pocket so it may be used either articulated or stationary.

Video – Tom Lipton has had a career in the metalworking industry for forty plus years. His metalworking skills have been refined to a high level and he has been awarded six U.S. patents for unique designs. He gives private lectures and in-plant demonstrations related to the metalworking field. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with this wife (also a metal worker and fine artist) His Metalworking Sink or Swim is a highly revered reference book for the metalworking industry.

PRICE: $185

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Leo’s Leashes

Made of the best English bridle leather. Approximately six feet in length by one inch width. Swivel clip is nickeled solid brass.

COLORS: Black or Brown

PRICE: $40.00

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