Inside the Waistband Holsters


The Ultimatum is an inside the waistband holster, designed to be worn in the front. The holster rides with a slight muzzle forward rake, and is designed to be worn slightly offset from the navel, towards the cross draw position. It rides quite low in the trousers, and can even have the butt tucked behind the waistband. The Ultimatum is not a game holster, but designed for professionals. The holster is lined and does not offer sight rails. Also available is a matching magazine carrier. Belt loop is available either 1 1/4” or 1 1/2”.

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COLOR: Black


PRICE: $135.00

Magazine Carrier

COLOR: Black


PRICE: $65.00


The Independent is an Inside-the-Waistband holster, which is fully lined with Black suede (not Natural suede, as shown). It rides at a neutral rake, or straight-drop, and attaches to the belt by means of a heavy duty spring clip.

COLOR: Black


PRICE: $95.00

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Uncle Sal’s Decision II

Uncle Sal's Decision IIUncle Sal's Decision II
The ultimate leather concealment holster is the USD II inside the waistband holster (IWB). Both the belt and pants work together to keep the IWB leather concealment holster tight to the body, eliminating any visual indication of a weapon being present. Additionally, the extra support offered by the garment makes the leather concealment holster comfortable for all day wear. The USD II is fully lined, offers stitched on sight rails and has interchangeable belt loops. It is shipped with one belt loop (additional loops may be purchased separately). As with all of our holsters, the USD II leather concealment holster will fit only the pistol for which it was ordered and made.


COLORS: Black, dark brown, mahogany, light brown, and natural


PRICE: $235.00 US (Add $35.00 for each additional belt loop.)

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Uncle Sal’s Decision II SF

The USD II SF is identical to the USD II with the addition of a bodyside leather extension which is lined and steel reinforced, covering the thumblock.

AVAILABLE: For 1911 pistols only.

COLORS: Black, dark brown, mahogany, light brown, and natural


PRICE: $250.00

Uncle Sal's Decision II

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American Rear Guard

American Rear GuardAmerican Rear Guard
An Inside-the-Waistband holster with an offset attachment loop, the ARG is reinforced at the top with double leather and steel, thus facilitating ease of one-handed reholstering. Stitched sight rails ensure that front sights will not pull leather. The ARG does away with the excess bulk typically associated with inside-the-waistband holsters. The ARG features a radical rearward muzzle rake. You can wear it with a tailored suit, and it will NOT print. The belt loop is stitched on and very snugly fit to the dimensions of the belts which I offer. The butt of the handgun is as snug to the body as possible.

AVAILABLE: Most pistols

COLORS: Black, dark brown, mahogany, light brown, and natural


PRICE: $165.00 in best quality cowhide (ARG™ shown here in best quality cowhide with sharkskin trim); (Also available in Slimline construction, $225.00)

American Rear Guard DL

American Rear Guard DLAmerican Rear Guard DL
The ARG DL™ is a modification of the original ARG™. I designed it after numerous requests from pistolsmith Mark Morris. One of the design features of the original ARG is to allow the holster to move up and down slightly at the front for comfort, such as when sitting down. The ARG DL eliminates this slight movement. The purpose of this is to create the exact same angle for the presentation. Target shooters in the action disciplines will no doubt appreciate this as well as the leather extension upward at the rear of the holster to keep oversized safeties away from the body.

AVAILABLE: 1911 and most other medium to large size autos

COLORS: Black, dark brown, mahogany, light brown, and natural


PRICE: $190.00 in best quality cowhide. (Also available in Slimline construction, $255.00)

American Rear Guard Plus

American Rear Guard PlusAmerican Rear Guard Plus
The ARG Plus™ was designed specifically for the H&K P7M10. When holstered, the P7M10 has most of the weight high up, due to the weapon’s balance and short slide. Extending the ARG™ to be longer than the weapon’s slide increases the bearing surface and acts to better distribute the weight. This design affords the wearer a comfortable way to carry an excellent pistol. An additional modification to the ARG for the P7 line allows full grip clearance for the cocking lever. Belt width of 1 1/2″ is recommended for the P7M10.

AVAILABLE: HK P7 Product line

COLORS: Black, dark brown, mahogany, light brown, and natural


PRICE: $165.00 in best quality cowhide. (Also available in Slimline construction, $225.00)

The Workman

The WorkmanThe Workman
The Workman™ allows the wearer to completely conceal a small to medium size pistol or revolver without wearing a vest or other outer garment over it. A leather extension allows the wearer to tuck his shirt completely over the weapon and holster. Attachment to the belt is accomplished by a loop either with or without a snap. The snap is provided to allow a key ring or other such item to be placed on the loop to disguise the loop’s true purpose. The stitched-on loop is the same construction as on the ARG. (Original design concept for the Workman is credited to Dave Workman.)

AVAILABLE: Best suited to J-frame (fixed-sight) revolvers and similarly sized pistols

COLORS: Black, dark brown, mahogany, light brown, and natural


PRICE: $180.00 in best quality cowhide (Also available in Slimline construction, $240.00)

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