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Executive Special
The Stylemaster™ is our new shoulder rig. Superior in construction to any similar product on the market, the Stylemaster is made to be worn high up under the armpit, eliminating the need for ineffective tiedowns. The holster rides in a horizontal position. It is constructed of best quality leather with all fittings of solid brass. All pieces, including the harness, are lined. Holster and accessories are all interchangeable. It is available as a single holster with a double magazine carrier, or as a double holster rig to carry two pieces for perfect balance.

In addition, we offer the Stylemaster Express. The Stylemaster Express is unlined and does not have the hand detailing of our standard line. The Stylemaster Express also has a leather connector rather than our special brass connector (see Express Line).

AVAILABLE: Most autos. Please call with your specific pistol.

COLORS: We recommend light brown.

ORDER: STYLE-DM™ (with double mag carrier) or STYLE-DBL™ (with 2 holsters)

PRICE: $385.00 STYLE-DM™ in best quality cowhide; ($445.00 in colors other than light brown);

PRICE: $465.00 STYLE-DBL™ in best quality cowhide

Executive Special

Executive Special
Formerly the CEO, the ESP is a classic and classy single-sided shoulder rig and comfortable. It features an ultra-slim three-piece shoulder harness: a center piece fashioned of black strapping leather which moulds to the shoulder, and two straps of the finest garment leather. The rig is secured to the trousers using a 1-1/2″ wide best quality elastic strap with a solid brass clip used extensively in the heavy duty suspender industry. The holster retains the weapon by precise fit in addition to a professional thumb break.

AVAILABLE: Most autos. Please call with your specific pistol.

COLORS: Black, Dark Brown, Mahogany or Light Brown


PRICE: $240.00 US

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