Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather

Top Quality

The materials used at MITCH ROSEN are the best available anywhere. Whether it is our specially tanned holster leather or any of our exotics including shark, genuine shell cordovan, ostrich, and crocodile, there is no better.

All of the fitting is done BY HAND. This difference can be observed in the finished product.

All of our products are designed to use only the amount of material necessary. No excess bulk. We ensure a crisp front sight picture by use of either stitched-on sight rails or our dowel sight track. You will see the front sight, not a ball of leather.

Best quality cowhide lining ($40) is still an option on all holsters; offering reduced break-in time and an exceptionally smooth draw. Simply a spectacular inside finish.

Due to numerous law enforcement requests, we now offer thumb breaks on our model 5JR™ holster.

Carrying a firearm for personal protection or in the line of duty is serious business and requires proper training. We recommend what we believe to be the two finest schools available: Thunder Ranch, 967-47 Hwy. 140 East. Lakeview Oregon 97630, 541-947-4104 – Fax 541-947-4105 and SIG SAUER® Academy, 233 Exeter Rd. Epping, NH 03042, 603-679-2003.

Mitch Rosen

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