Warning & Acknowledgement


You have ordered a custom handgun holster or other leather handgun accessory from MITCH ROSEN EXTRAORDINARY GUNLEATHER.

By accepting delivery of thisleather product, you acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

• This is a custom holster designed specifically for one particular make andmodel of handgun. Use with any other make or model is inappropriate andunsafe. There are no retaining straps on this holster; the holster retains the·pistol as a result of the tight boning and fit. This holster requires a certainbreak-in period, and it is intended to be used only by highly experienced,well-trained and careful shooters. MITCH ROSEN obviously can exert nocontrol over who is the user of the holster

• You must understand and acknowledge that shooting sports and any use ofa firearm are potentially dangerous activities both to you and to others.Youmust knowingly and voluntarily assume those risks

• Before you use this product, you should fully inspect it. If you have anyquestions, you should call MITCH ROSEN

• Holsters are constructed to fit unmodified guns (factory original guns only)

• You must understand and acknowledge that MITCH ROSEN has no controlover the firearm you use, the ammunition that you use in it, the manner inwhich you use it, or in any modification that you make in the future to thefirearm or to the product. Therefore, MITCH ROSEN disclaims any and allliability for any damages, personal and/or to property, that may resultfrom the use of this holster

• Before use, examine the product fully. You will be accepting it in “as is” condition.You must understand that MITCH ROSEN makes no warranties,express or implied, including warranty of merchantability and/orfitness for a particular purpose.You must acknowledge and realiz’;! that this disclaimer is a condition of the sale of theproduct involved. If you do not agree to the terms of this disclaimer, or if you have anyquestions, please call the number above and ask before the product is used.